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If I told you I knew how to reduce your stress level today, would you be willing to learn more?

I’m Erica R. Maier, voiceover talent, owner of Reframe It! Mindset Motivation, and author of Reframe It! Rethinking Your Reactions to Life’s Annoyances, a PICTURE BOOK for busy adults designed to do just that – reduce your stress level immediately.

After losing my father to cancer in 2015, I became curious about how positive mindset might affect one’s health and quality of life, how it might curb the body’s susceptibility to disease. I studied mindset extensively and discovered that simple shifts in our thought process could pave the way to freeing ourselves from the weight of unnecessary stress.

Reframe It! highlights 25 common scenarios (or what I like to call Life’s Annoyances) that cause stress, anger, or frustration, and I offer two ways you can spin them positive in the moment. The ideas and suggestions are incredibly simple, designed to help you breathe easier in minutes… and ideally, help you to breathe easier day after day after day, more instinctively.

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